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For one gallon:

2.5 pounds beets
1 gallon water
2.25 pounds sugar
2 teaspoons acid blend
1 teaspoon nutrient
25 teaspoon tannin
1 Campden tablet
1 pkg. wine yeast

Wash beets, skin beets, and cut into small pieces. Place beets in a
nylon bag and boil in 2 quarts water until tender. Pour hot liquor over
sugar in primary and mix. Put bag with pulp in fermentor and stir in
remainder of COLD water. Add all other ingredients except yeast. After
24 hours add yeast. Let ferment. When SG is 1.040 lightly strain juice
from bag. When SG is 1.000 rack into secondary.




q      5 pounds [2.3 kg] beets

q      1 gallon [4.5 L] water

q      8 cups [2 L] sugar

q      1 cup [250 ml] rice

q      2 cups [500 ml raisins

q      1 pack [1 tablespoon / 15 ml] active dry yeast




q      Wash beets; remove stems and cut unpeeled beets into thin pieces.

q      Cover with water; cook until tender.

q      Drain and measure cooking liquid; add enough water to get 1 gallon [4.5 L] liquid.

q      Pour into a stoneware jar.

q      Finely chop raisins; add raisins, sugar, rice and yeast into jar.

q      Leave to ferment for 30 days; stir every day.

q      Filter twice; leave to rest for 3 days.

q      Siphon into sterilized bottles.

q      Seal.

q      Age before drinking.

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