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Pomegranate Wine (one gallon)


12 Pomegranates
250g Barley (8.75 oz)
1.5 kilos Sugar (3.3 lbs)
2 tsp. Citric acid (2 teaspoons)
4.5 litres water (9.5 pints)
1 tsp. Nutrient (1 teaspoon)
One pack of Yeast (good for up to 5 gallons)
(K1V-1116 or Montrachet) or MAYBE a Champagne yeast for some "kick"!


1. Clean and sterilize all of your equipment.
2. Clean the outer skins of the pomegranates and then finely chop.
3. Bring the water with the barley in it to a boil and simmer for 6 minutes.
4. Strain the water, removing the barley, onto the chopped Pomegranates in a primary fermenting bin.
5. Add the sugar and the Citric acid.
6. Stir the mixture well, put a lid or cover on the bin and allow to cool to room temperature or about 6-8 hours.
7. After cooling, add nutrient, stir and wait 24 hours.
8. After 24 hours prepare yeast and add to must.
9. Ferment the pulp for about 5 - 7 days gentley stirring once a day.
10. After 5 - 7 days, strain the liquid into secondary fermenter and attach airlock.
11. Rack after 30 days and again attach airlock.
12. Bottle the wine when fermentation has stopped. Further racking before bottling will help to clear wine if needed.
13. Age 12 months. (may be ready in 6)

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