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For 4 liters, and may be multiplied. All teaspoon measures are level.




                  Rose petals                                        10 cups

                  Water                                                  1 gallon

                  White Granulated Sugar                    2-1/2 lbs

                  Yeast Nutrient                                   1/2 tsp.

                  Vinacid R                                           3-1/2 tsp.

                  Campden Tablets                               2 tsp.

                  Grape Tannin                                      1/2 tsp.

                  White Grape Concentrate                 10 oz.

                  Wine Yeast                                        1 pack Lalvin


Starting Specific Gravity should be 1.090 - 1.095




                  Put all ingredients except Water and Yeast in primary fermentor.

                  Add 1/2 quantity of Water hot, stir to dissolve Sugar.

                  Add balance of Water cold.

                  Cover with plastic sheet.

                  When must is 21 - 23 C / 70 - 75 F, about 24 hours, add Yeast.

                  Stir must daily.

                  Ferment 4 - 5 days or until S.G. is 1.030.

                  Strain out pulp through nylon straining bag and press.

                  Siphon into carboys or gallon jugs and attach fermentation locks.

                  Rack in 10 days and again in one month.

                  If necessary, fine with recommended Finings.

                  When wine is clear and stable, bottle.

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