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Use old concentrate, if you have any lying around, or buy old concentrate at greatly reduced prices!

Sherry is normally made from Palomino grapes, but use some old concentrate in Sherry-making instead of throwing it away. It is usually drinkable in 2-3 years, though it will improve with much longer aging.


HOME SHERRY (This makes a 23 liter carboy)

  1. Prepare yeast 24 hrs in advance (use Sherry Flor, 5 gr package);
  2. Mix: 5 liter white concentrate, 20 liter warm water, 6 lbs sugar, 1/3 tsp sulphite crystals, 1/3 tbsp acid mixture 'B', 2 tsp nutrient;
  3. Adjust acidity to 4.5 ppt (sulphuric) and Gravity to 115;
  4. Set aside 2 cups of this prepared must and add 1/4 of the prepared yeast to these 2 cups;
  5. Add remaining yeast to remaining must and stir well;
  6. Cover fermentor and keep near furnace (you need a place with high fluctuations of temperature);
  7. After fermentation has started, add the 2 cups set aside;
  8. On 3rd day of fermentation 'feed the yeast' with 1.5 lbs sugar dissolved in 1 liter water;
  9. Allow fermentation another 4-5 days, stirring twice a day;
  10. At end, put 13 gr precipitated chalk per gallon, (I am not sure what this is), put into gallon jugs and give them a good shake;
  11. Put on air locks without water! Use cotton balls to allow some oxidation, and keep at fluctuating temperature for 9-10 months UNDISTURBED (this allows a 'flor' to form on the surface within 4 months);
  12. If no flor appears within 5 months, or as soon as flor drops into the wine, rack, sweeten, and fortify with 1 cup of brandy;
  13. Age in gallon jugs, 2-3 years before bottling. Don't worry about oxidization; it's beneficial!
  14. Add 30 ml of natural oak essence, if desired, before bottling.

Good luck and enjoy.

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